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Monday, January 16, 2012

Dollar Tree Adhesive Paper Covered Shoe Box

 A while back I found this adhesive backed paper at the Dollar Tree. It kind of reminded me of the wallpaper my parents had in their room when I was little...the same kind of floral pattern, anyway. I bought it with no idea how or if I would ever use it.  Later on I decided to use it to cover a shoe box and use the box  to store my TENS unit and extra pads.  This is the result.  Somehow I managed to line it up just right and the lid actually matches up to the bottom of the  box...that was totally by accident to be honest. For some reason I love this box and it makes me smile every time I see it. If you're familiar with my cards and other projects that I've posted here you know this is not my usual style......maybe my loving the box is telling me that I need to branch out some and that my taste includes a wider variety of patterns and styles than I thought. Hmmmmm....something to think about....


  1. That is lovely paper! It reminds me of some scrapbook paper I have and love.

  2. It's the same big over blown roses that are in the paper I sent you. It wormed it's way into your brain and now it's spilling back out. LOLOLOL It's really very pretty and that you lined up the pattern w/o trying is no surprise to me. It's the artist in you. Love seeing what you are up to and love you. Blessings Gayla


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