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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cricut Vinyl Project

 My original intention was to  cut vinyl with my Cricut to use for a stencil and do some glass etching on these mason  jars. Once I cut the vinyl I decided I'd rather use the vinyl for this particular project.  I think the black  vinyl really dresses up the jars, especially since they are going into a dark metal jar holder.
 I think it looks nice and it's hard to believe how little it acutally cost me, esp. since the metal holder was on clearance a while back at Walmart...kind of funny since Walmart now carries them in their regular stock for far more than I paid for them. I bought several along with a case of jars intending to use them for craft embellishment storage. I still have two sets for that even after using this one for a gift.   After seeing how this set turned out I think I might decorate mine as well.

Cricut Wild Card and KAndrew Owly Hoo Sentiments Card

I decided it was time to make something not related to Christmas since all of my efforts recently have been focused on Christmas cards. I've been wanting to use my KAndrew stamps some more so I looked through my Cricut cartridges and found this owl card on my Wild Card cartridge. All of the stamping is from KAndrew's  Owy Hoo Sentiments stamp set.  There are so many possibilities with this set. I know I'll get alot more use out of it as time goes on.