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Monday, October 10, 2011

Random Thoughts and Resulting Cards

When I go into my craft room I don't usually have a plan of any kind. Sometimes I might just go in to look at something and suddenly find myself making a card or working on a scrapbook page.  This card came about when I happenned to think about the beautiful papers I was "saving". A friend (Thanks, Gayla ! ) sent them to me a few months ago and I love them. They are from the Graphic 45 Once Upon a Springtime collection.  The stamped sentiment is from KAndrew's  Fashionable Friends stamp set.
Next I found myself playing with some die cuts I had cut with my Imagine. I had already assembled the card so I added the die cut with a pop dot and randomly grabbed my metalic rub ons. Suddenly my white background on the card was blue !

I had still more die cuts sitting right there in front of me and put this card together in no time at all. It will wait with the others in my "stash" waiting to go to the right person at the right time.

I found myself making Christmas cards next, several of them.  I'll post them tomorrow or another day soon..........I do love my crafting toys and supplies. It's so much fun to be able to take a break from other less fun things and  make something that will eventually bring a  smile to someone I care about !


  1. I'n glad you like the paper. I wish I could see the rest of the card. I've not even done one thing with it. I'm in this house almost 6 months and my craft room is boxes upon boxes with my craft stuff in them. I have not felt well ehough to do anything other than what I have to. I like the blue card but love the owl card. It seems retro because we did the owls in the 70's but my older grand told me that no, owls are a new hip thing now. LOL


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